Because RefME is no longer free to use, the Library will now support Zotero (pronounced zoh-tair-oh).

This software is free to use, but because it is more powerful than RefME (able to reference a greater variety of resources); it unfortunately requires a little more effort to use.

The main advantage of Zotero is that will allow you to import references from the internet and the Library’s research resources and easily cite these in your assignments using a Word plugin.

There are help sheets to guide you through installing and setting up Zotero on own computer with the AUB style and link resolver, getting started with adding items to your Zotero library and inserting references into your assignments.

Zotero have produced a number of help videos to teach you how to use each part of its functionality.

You should also be able to find lots of other help videos on YouTube.


A number of other reference management tools are available. Some of them (Mendeley, Papers, and Quikka) should be able to utilise the AUB style available in the Zotero Style Repository, but these tools are not supported by the Library.